We Hate Hills & Wind

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South Woodham Ferrers


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We Hate Hills & Wind

We Hate Hills & Wind are not a club or a formal team, just a bunch of blokes who are enjoying getting out at the weekend to try to stay a bit fit, get some fresh air & some fun, always followed by breakfast!! BUT we do hate hills & wind when cycling !!

We hold the occassional event and in doing so raise money for our teams funds and always raise some for charity !

Joining the team is by invitation only. This may seem cliquey but has previously ensured that we aren't & that there is good banter within the team. There are no heroes, no racing, no egos, an ethos of sticking together for safety and practical reasons when we ride. PLUS you must be able to give, take & enjoy plenty of banter.

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We arrange our own trips, tours, charity rides and more - Want us to arrange or manage yours ?

A little bit about us, where we came from and what we have done.

Some of the essentials at good prices or would you like us to design and provide your kit ?

Have a look at what we raise and who we raise it for

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